Great Cold Calling Insights

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A big mistake and expectation of sales staff or business development are that you should just get on the phone.

Cold calling can be difficult but warming the lead is key. Targeting and research work before the call is key. Target researching on FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google, Trade Journals, etc to gather relevant data about the client to understand them.

The cerebral hub of it all is your CRM. Updating the client data is critical and it pays dividends, builds relationships and sales. Real business value in customer information. Focus on this “20%” activity and get solid returns.

Sales are not made in 1,2 or 3 calls. Sales are about trust, rapport, and adding value. It is about educating and nurturing a prospect. Understanding the client, their business, and their problems are crucial.

Remain top of mind by educating, updating, and providing value to your prospects via Drip campaigns, phone calls, information, visits, events and Offers you remain in their world.

It is six times more efficient selling to your existing clients than acquiring new ones.

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The Code – Good for Humanity

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The code by Shaun Tomson a past world surfing champion is a great exercise to do for yourself or to determine some values for your business.

Surfing is often considered a self-indulgent pastime, but here is one man who is making massive international waves himself with ‘The Code” and sharing for the greater good.

A champion person! See for yourself.

Want the Top 7 Things To Get Your Business Groove on?

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Tired of the frustrating and niggling things at work that just don’t flow or create blockages… and you know they could be done so much better?

The saying, “If your frustrated you need a better process” is often true.

Here is a technique to fix that and accelerate your Business Improvement process

Find the Top 3 problems you currently have in your business and then try the 7 IT’s!…

1. Solve It – Identify the problem and break down the process into steps
2. Redesign It – What is a better way to do it
3. Test It -Try out your new process
4. Refine It – Look to smooth any irregularities so it flows better
5. Measure It – Benchmark and find the magic number to gauge performance
6. Improve It – Keep reassessing the process at intervals
7. Document It – Record and video the process for your Operations or Job role

Doing the 7 IT’s will be great for any facet of business improvement. Having done this will substantially enhance the value of your business…having a business that flows has a distinct advantage. Get the business groove going

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Your business is running yet customers are evasive and priced focused, but the future is looking good because…

You have defined the offering that differentiates you from competitors.

You have a smooth proven system and customer service approach

You are ready to deliver your new offering (product or service)

Here are 5 tips to turn your customers into raving fans

1. Limit the service options – Excel at one or two customer service techniques that define your business. Refine your process before adding to the mix.

2. Put systems in place – Have a system to deliver your that executes flawlessly. Provide the right technology to deliver the right customer experience.

3. Align the right people to the right roles. Provide them with responsibility and goals.

4. Train your people well – Train the people properly to use the technology efficiently, allow the team to work together and transparently. Give them responsibility (autonomy) and show appreciation.

5. Measure and manage the results.
The result = above average customer service experience. This is what breeds raving fans and happy employees.

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Here are 17 tips to become a world class salesperson:

  1. Get skilled – Learn to sell and present. Get educated now and ongoing (increases sales by 50%)
  2. Have a ‘magic number’ of calls and follow-ups
  3. Track your activity – in your CRM
  4. Have multiple sales offers – Premium offer, Up-sell, Cross-sell, Down-sell, and bundles.
  5. Be consistent – cold calls take on average 8 attempts
  6. Are the calls prioritized e.g. cold calls on Thursdays then Wednesdays, between 4 pm and 5 pm)
  7. Time management – call in 45 minute sessions
  8. Research before your call
  9. Listen to the client – You will stand out
  10. Follow Up – 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls.
  11. Challenge the client it sells, farming doesn’t
  12. Tell more stories – Only 5% retain facts
  13. Respond quickly – 30-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first
  14. Never discount. It’s lazy. Instead, have alternate offers and bundles
  15. Give the customer the next steps. If you cant help refer them
  16. Patience – only 2 % of buyers purchase immediately
  17. Pause when asking key questions or for the sale

Implement these steps to excel at selling and contribute massively to sales revenue.

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