The One Big Mistake that Marketers Make

Posted by garydamp

There is a lot of white noise and distraction in our lives. It can be overwhelming and ambiguous worsening as the digital space grows to vie for our attention.

To avoid this dilemma all messages must have CONTEXT and relevance or it is more white noise.

Get context and reduce white noise

The process of selling and engaging with customers has shifted to an educational and informative approach. The importance of copywriting has increased working the heaven and hell hot buttons that tap into the conversations in a customer’s head.


Context positions the message to inform and educate customers to support an emotional decision to buy. Many marketers and information providers still don’t provide the context for how their information is relevant.



Providing Context focuses the reader and keeps them engaged while the logical side of the brain understands stores the relevance of the message.


Emotions stimulate the purchase decision while context provides the logical justification to validate a purchase and prevent buyers remorse post-purchase.


Context starts with defining your point of difference, your Offer, who is the recipient and, the relevance of what you are solving for them. Context cuts through the white noise.



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