Posted by garydamp

Things just not flowing, there always seem to be problems and blockages or doubling up on things? It doesn’t have to be this way. Try systems thinking.

Systems involve multiple components. It’s a reflection of the vision of the company, your Market Dominating Position, Leadership, and culture… sound different? The desire to have systems thinking is a core start. The desire to improve your current business and make it more efficient, to innovate and challenge the bottlenecks or status quo of how you operate require ‘System Thinking’

I’m too busy! Then developing systems is exactly why you need them. Get back your time, improve consistency, quality, and automate or outsource the mundane repetitive tasks to get your business flow on.

There is a saying, “if you have a frustration…you need a system”

It starts by breaking down the problem. Select the biggest problem first in your business and start there with focus, put a gate around it until it is solved. Get the team involved (buy-in) to find a solution and a better way. Appoint a champion to oversee it and deliver the result, have your key people assigned to change and implement the better system. Then test it, measure it, and keep trying to improve the process.

Recording the process is a must. Film the technician doing the task and document it. Use your phone, or software like Loom or Doplr to record. Use Dropbox, Onedrive to store the files (operations manuals) and separate them from Project management tasks. With your changes Implement, Record, Store, and Update. There are some good dedicated programs for this process such as Systemhub, Audit IQ, and others.

Here is the benefit – you are creating an operations manual…which helps onboard new staff, job descriptions, and a process for running a business.

Kaizen is the little incremental improvements daily but when compounded return remarkable results. This is not an overnight success  a system thinking commitment is a mentality to keep on improving to get more efficient and it stems from leadership the vision and decision to do it

The rewards are a business that flows, more time for working on the business, delivering consistency and quality, and importantly a systemised operation creates a great workplace that attracts A-Grade performers. The business value and its attractiveness has also just increased

Making the decision to use systems thinking has many benefits not just in removing bottlenecks in your workflow but drastically improving the value of your business.