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Struggling to get an edge at work and home – People Skills, Awareness, and common sense, Ah yes… the soft skills. I would like to encourage you to “Manage Your Boss”

Understanding the BOSS and what is happening in their world is essential
1. What are their Goals and Objectives (stated or implied)
2. What pressures do they have
3. What is their SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses – blind spots, Opportunities and Threats)
4. What work style do they prefer

Understanding YOURSELF – Who are you and what are your needs
1. What are your goals and objectives
2. Your SWOT
3. Your Style
4. Your behavior – dependence or resistance to authority

Bringing it TOGETHER and creating the relationship
1. Fit both of your needs and styles
2. Be clear on mutual expectations
3. Keep your boss informed – no one likes a surprise
4. Be dependable and honest
5. Be selective in how you call-on the bosses time and resources

DiSC BEHAVIOR REPORTS are a great way to fast track and understand a person’s Natural style and Adapted Style (Work / Stress). Done individually or in a group can be revealing, insightful, and an absolute fast track to understanding each other

So lift your emotional intelligence, use a bit of conscious behavior and engagement and reap the rewards

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