EXPOSED… 5 Steps That Make Arguments Disappear and create Goodwill Instead

Posted by garydamp

It isnt funny how conflicts in relationships and discussions…just occur. Wouldn’t it be great if like a magician you could make the conflict, the tension, and emotions go away from these situations?

Well it can stop. Here are 5 Stepsto make the arguments dissappear and create goodwill instead:

1. Be empathetic – listen to the other side first WITHOUT taking on the emotion associated with the problem

2. Listen without manipulating – truly hear their side of the story, without trying to interpret or interject

3. Stay focused on what you can control – avoid anything else

4. Restate what you think you’ve heard – and do not move on until all parties agree with you that understand the situation

5. Be truthful, but fair – give your advice or decision, but do NOT hurt anyone’s feelings in the process

* If you are an owner – use this for handling customer complaints.
* If you are in Change Management – use it to create a Code of Conduct to handle change and how people should behave when engaging with each. A communication blueprint
* As a parent use it for empathy with your children

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