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Success can be elusive for many but magnetic to others. What is success?…well that depends on the individual – relationships, money, business, health, family…
In monetary terms, estimations are 1% of the world’s population control 48% of the world’s wealth. Success is not so much elusive but fundamentally about mindset. Mindset controls your success.
Here is how to embrace some of those successful patterns
Here are 10 traits of success:

1. Know your WHY- this is the petrol in the tank. Know why you are doing something. The pain of failing and the elation of success. When you are tired of pain you will move to change

2. Expansive thinking – Think big to achieve big things

3. Focus – With Focus comes clarity. Focus all resources on the one thing to concentrate your efforts. Diversification dilutes focus

4. Remove Limiting Beliefs – they stop achievement and momentum and breed fear instead. Liberate yourself … Think of success and get out of your comfort zone

5. Internal Locus of Control – Take action and responsibility for the things you can control and how you respond. External events out of your control…accept, adapt and reinvent

6. Set Goals – “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter where you’re headed”….Set goals from your start point, set milestones of your journey, and what success will look like. Start with the end in mind.

7. Overcome Fear – “There but before me go I”, you are your limitation. Decide, Commit and Act this builds confidence and momentum. Discomfort is often proportional to your growth

8. Self-Belief – Develop the raw determination and grit to succeed. You were born with the necessary equipment. Start to focus, develop and acquire the relationships, skills, and experience that you need

9. Create success Habits – rinse and repeat. The 20% of what you do has the most impact

10. Alignment – align with like-minded progressive people and eliminate those who threaten your success (You know them!). Build your mastermind group

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