Don’t live in a Bubble – 16 Top Marketing Tips for Your Business

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Many business owners are great technicians but not so good on marketing. The problem is that marketing and sales are the only income generators in your business…the rest is cost…get it wrong and it could be painful. It doesn’t have to be this way

Here are 16 self-marketing strategy Tips to increase your business profile and highlight your expertise in your field:

  1. Cultivate new contacts – join professional groups.
  2. Get a CRM to collect a database of names and addresses.
  3. Build awareness – Use yourself in your marketing.
  4. Write industry trend articles for trade-journals, professional association magazines, newsletters, and newspapers.
  5. Send copies of articles to clients and prospects. Acquire reprints and permission to reuse.
  6. Seek opportunities to speak to industry organisations and local business groups.
  7. Write blogs, posts, and newsletters regularly and send them to clients and prospects.
  8. Be consistent with your branding – create a style guide (same style, format, colours, and images)
  9. Enter your projects in industry-award competitions.
  10. Develop a Market Dominating Position (MDP) and push your difference.
  11. Find your niche market and focus on it…
  12. Think of unique digital and non-digital marketing to focus on your specialty. E.g. direct-mail program and FB campaign. Invest in professionally printed materials.
  13. Create a press kit, that contains your resume, a press release, a formal photo, reprints of articles written by you or about you, testimonials, from satisfied clients, and a business card.
  14. Give good referrals when you can’t accept a job.
  15. Never disparage the competition.
  16. Do as you say…deliver the job you promise.


Do these steps and you are ready to meet and create any marketing opportunity.

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Your business is running but customers are evasive and they are priced focused, but the future is looking good because…

You have defined the offering that differentiates you from competitors.

You have a smooth proven system and customer service approach

You are ready to deliver your new offering (product or service)



Here are 5 tips to turn your customers into raving fans


  1. Limit the service options – Excel at one or two customer service techniques that define your business. Refine your process before adding to the mix.


  1. Put solid systems in place – Have a system to deliver your offer that executes flawlessly. Provide the right technology to deliver the right customer experience.


  1. Align the right people to the right roles. Provide them with responsibility and goals.


  1. Train your people well – Train the people properly to use the technology efficiently, allow the team to work together and transparently. Give them responsibility (autonomy) and show appreciation.


  1. Measure and manage the results.

The result = above average customer service experience. This is what breeds raving fans and happy employees.


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Want the Top 7 Things To Get Your Business Groove on

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Get Your Business Groove On!

Tired of the frustrating and niggling things at work that stops the flow or creates blockages? … and you know they could be done so much better?

The saying, “If your frustrated you need a better process’ is often true.

Here is a technique to fix that and accelerate your Business Improvement process

Find the Top 3 problems you currently have in your business and then try the 7 IT’s!…


  1. Solve It – Identify the problem and break down the process into steps
  2. Redesign It – What is a better way to do it
  3. Test It -Try out your new process
  4. Refine It – Look to smooth any irregularities so it flows better
  5. Measure It – Benchmark and find the magic number to gauge performance
  6. Improve It – Keep reassessing the process at different intervals
  7. Document It – Record and video the process for your Operations or Job role – Build a manual

Doing the 7 IT’s will be great for any facet of business improvement. Having done this you will substantially enhance the value of your business. Having a business that flows and has a distinct business sale advantage. So get your business groove on

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Kick Start Your Marketing

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Today I’d like to teach you about the three most important start up marketing tools you need to get and keep new customers.

  1. In person: It’s essential you meet with customers/clients in person whenever possible. This shows you respect them and take the time to work with your clients to give personal attention to each of them.
  2. Follow up letter: Always take a moment to send a follow up letter about what you talked about, new agreements or partnerships made and to thank them for taking the time to meet with you. Likewise, you should always send thank you letters or small gifts to partners you find success with.
  3. Phone call: Use a telephone call to follow up with them to talk again about the matters you talked about in your meeting and offer any assistance you can to help their business run smoothly and more successfully.

None of these will work if you don’t have a quality product/service to back you up!

Here are the key steps for putting together your start-up marketing tools:

  1. Research potential customers, buyers, competitors and their preferred methods of distribution.
  2. Talk to potential customers. Take a hard look at your product from a customer’s perspective and see what it needs to be successful.
  3. Follow up with your 3-step process from above.
  4. Develop systems for contact follow through, quality control standards and customer service.
  5. Develop post-sale follow up system to keep lines of communication open is customers and build on your current relationship which increases future purchases.

“Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs” Peter Drucker, management consultant

Here’s another one I love from an icon:

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.” Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

This lesson has offered you the tools to put together a start-up marketing plan that can be used over and over again to help your customer base and business grow in a manageable way. The tools offered in our FREE test drive offer these very same things.