Get Ready, Get Set, and Go!

Posted by garydamp

Get ready to sell your small business

Business owners are always time-challenged, have staff issues and, cash flow is a perpetual juggle. The old saying “if it is to be’s up to me” has never been truer than for the business owner preparing to sell

Distraction is real, selling takes effort and additional focus to prepare the business for the selling process. This effort is above your normal operational work or day-to-day aspects where the tendency is to focus on the urgent things rather than the important issues that build long term value. Focus is a choice and discipline.

Understanding the Value of your business is critical. Most owners typically have an overinflated view of their business value until the market tells them otherwise. The majority of owners have the bulk of their wealth tied up in their business. Yet only 20% of those listed will sell and many will just close their doors. A lot of wealth is left on the table or lost.

Most owners procrastinate in developing an exit plan. This is natural as it can seem unpleasant, however, the stark reality occurs when there is death, sickness, divorce, or life-changing events when matters are forced. The outcomes can be devastating to an owner and tragic to the beneficiaries. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Alternatively, the sale or a business exit should just be a process of actually building the business. By having the result in mind it is easy from inception to continually grow the business correctly. Ask the daily question, “Will this decision enhance the value for an investor in the business?”

By consciously acting like a company that does everything to empower the shareholders it will naturally shape to being a valuable and saleable business.

Whether a total exit, management buyout, partial sell-down, or retained interest an owner will maximise their business value by making conscious decisions daily. Having an investor-ready business allows ‘opportunity to meet preparedness’ if an offer or situation presents itself. Exits take time, so start acting now for future benefit.

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