6 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

Posted by garydamp

Create your plan by doing these 6 items

1. Define Your Target Market – who they were previously, in your local or selling area and marketing opportunities with them

2. Write it Down – write who you are targeting and what are their emotional triggers

3. Identify your Value Proposition – why a customer chooses you. Are you unique with your product or service? If in doubt ask your customers.

4. Create Key Messages – these contain the key benefits you offer that the competition does not and research the landscape. Integrate this into PPC strategies, blogs, and other market messages

5. Scope Out the Competition – do a SWOT analysis of your competition (strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat). Check their internet presence, ad campaigns, and use comparative software to analyze them. Talk to customers about their choices.

6. Check Out Your Digital Market – use keyword searches with google Keyword Took to generate relevant keyword lists to find the popular search terms around your keywords. Integrate the most popular words in your campaigns to trigger the search engines

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6 Steps to Digital Marketing Success