13 Leadership Blind Spots

Posted by garydamp

Some leaders get a bit busy pushing their own agenda and attention to the important things such as employees can slip. It doesnt have to be this way. Here are 13 blind spots to avoid as a Leader and by doing so boost culture, aid employee retention, and improve employee satisfaction

  1. Don’t neglect the career growth of employees

2. Don’t disrespect your employees

3. Don’t treat people like ‘machines’

4. Don’t fail to put people first

5. Don’t communicate poorly. Do it well and be clear

6.Don’t command…Influence them

7. Don’t lack integrity in decision making… it’s transparent

8. Don’t train staff at your peril…gain efficiency if you do

9. Don’t discipline in public

10. Don’t pass the blame for the failure

11.Don’t keep the kudos for success…share it

12. Don’t assume everyone is totally clear on their role

13. Don’t assume everyone knows your expectations

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Avoid the Blind Spots in Leadership